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By Green Software Foundation


Combat climate change using green software principles and best practices.

Green Software Foundation is excited to host an event during COP27 to highlight advancements in decarbonizing software, including the launch of a Software Carbon Intensity Specification – a new ISO standard (Pending Approval) in measuring green software, a new training program by The Linux Foundation, and a Patterns Catalogue for software engineers at every level to identify specific, actionable steps to green software.

Developing and prioritizing software solutions that use more clean energy and guide climate-conscious energy consumption will dramatically reduce the carbon load needed for technology to meet future needs.

Now, a wide range of tools and resources will help get us closer to that reality.

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The developments in green software demonstrate an increasing effort by the software industry to coordinate and mobilize action to reduce carbon emissions

Asim Hussain

Chairperson & Executive Director


Welcome Asim Hussain
Panel discussion and Q&A Asim Hussain, Sanjay Podder, Ben Logan, Niels Freier
SCI v1.0 Henry Richardson
Hackathon finalists Abishek Gupta
Panel discussion and Q&A Tammy McClellan, Scott Chamberlin, Lisa McNally, Santiago Fontanarrosa
Training and Patterns Bill Johnson, Sarah Hsu
Hackathon finalists Bill Johnson
Panel discussion and Q&A Anne Currie, Colleen Josephson, Ally Vaughn, Chris Lloyd Jones
State of Green Software Report Ismael Velasco
Speaker Bureau Asim Hussain
Carbon Aware SDK v1.0 Vaughan Knight
Hackathon winners Ismael Velasco, Vaughan Knight
In Closing Asim Hussain